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With the close of the Charity Battle’s Victory Lap, we would like to thank the Wild Green Community for its incredible enthusiasm and generosity. Together, we’ve donated, memed, and traded our way to funding vital conservation work from Dominica to the Peruvian Amazon. Including the generous donation from Angry Birds, we raised $146,425, enough to complete all of our goals for this year, as well as to explore new Wild Green Future grants and initiatives. We look forward to sharing the upcoming conservation work by this year’s partners! For updates and even more Charity Battle memes, follow Wild Green Future on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks again for such a wildly memeorabe event!​

Learn about this year's projects on our Charity Battle V Goals page, linked here!

See the full standings here!

Our heartfelt thanks to the folks at Angry Birds, whose generous contribution has made much of this year's conservation work possible!

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