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help us map borneo

Roads systems are rapidly expanding into rainforest regions across the island of Borneo, opening new areas of the island to logging and agriculture, such as palm oil plantations. The success of conservation efforts in the region rely heavily on knowing where these roads are, and accurately predicting where they will be built next.


The Global Roadmap Program at James Cook University is attempting to create accurate maps of the region using satellite imagery, and they need your help. Volunteers can trace the new road sections on Google Earth, building a database which will help to better conserve Borneo's vital ecosystems.  


In addition to providing a literal roadmap for conservation planning, Global Roadmap will donate a dollar to support Bornean conservation for every block mapped.


How to join

Fill out the form below, then follow the link in the thank you message. 
You can also expect an email from a Global Roadmap researcher within 24 hours!


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