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Charity Battle V Goals

Tier 1: $10,000 Frog Conservation in Dominica

Tier 1 of this year’s Charity Battle supports the conservation of one of the most endangered frogs on Earth, the mountain chicken!


Mountain chickens are large frogs that are native to the Eastern Caribbean. Once common on their island homes, mountain chicken populations collapsed in the early 2000s when they became infected with chytrid fungus, a disease that has driven the extinction of many amphibians across the world. Now, their last fully wild populations are found on "The Nature Island" Dominica, amongst the farms and hillsides surrounding the town of Soufriere.


Partner organizations ZSL and WildDominique are working to secure a future for this frog species by working with the farmers who live alongside the remaining mountain chicken populations. This conservation initiative has developed biodiversity-friendly farming practices that also boost the farms’ output, benefiting farmers and frogs alike. 


Supported in part by Charity Battle donations, ZSL

and WildDominique will expand upon their existing relationships with participating farmers to provide training workshops, expert assistance, a pollinator garden, a biodiversity-friendly farming guide, and equipment for farming and soil testing. By partnering with the people who live alongside this critically important frog population, we can give mountain chickens their best shot at surviving in the wild.

Tier 1 fully funded by Angry Birds!

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Tier 2: $30,000  Additional Staff for the ASA

The Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon (ASA) is working to ensure a secure future for the people and ecosystems of the Peruvian Amazon through collaboration with local communities and research into the ecology and wildlife of the region. They are a young but already accomplished organization, rapidly expanding in both size and impact.

To help sustain this growth, Tier 2 of this year’s Charity Battle will provide funding to contribute to their staff salaries, allowing ASA to continue expanding their current on-the-ground staff and to contract with a professional grant writer. It takes people power to conserve nature, and these new positions will have an exponential effect on their work, allowing ASA to bring even more capacity, expertise, and funding to their efforts.

Tier 2 funded by Angry Birds and Wild Green Donors!

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Tier 3: $23,000  Infrastructure for Rainforest Conservation in Peru

The Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon (ASA) conducts most of its activities from its field station in the Peruvian Amazon, Finca las Piedras. Their location allows them to conduct research in the forest and to interface directly and organically with local communities, but the field station’s capacity to support staff and visiting researchers is limited by the lack of facilities in the region.


To help remedy this limitation, Wild Green Future has worked with ASA to fund the construction of resilient infrastructure, including solar panels, bathroom and shower facilities, and a biodigester for waste treatment.


Tier 4 continues our support for these vital projects, allowing for the further construction of bathrooms and sewage systems needed at the field station, improvements for their field laboratory, and shelves and entomological boxes to house their equipment and research specimens.

Tier 3 funded by Wild Green Donors!

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Tier 4: $15,000  Conserving the Brazil Nut Corridor in Peru

Most of the world's supply of Brazil nuts comes from the Madre de Dios department of Peru. Because Brazil nut trees are dependent on intact rainforest to complete their life cycle, the Peruvian government has designated family-owned concessions where most extractive activities are limited and the sustainable harvest of Brazil nuts can be maintained. As long as the Brazil nut harvest continues to support the concessionaires who live there, this globally-significant region of the Peruvian Amazon will remain intact.


At the request of local concessionaires, the Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon is working to ensure the sustainability of the Brazil nut harvest and by extension the survival of this essential piece of the Peruvian Amazon. They do this through the Brazil Nut Corridor Project. Participating concessionaires are provided with workshops on the cultivation and planting of Brazil nut seedlings in forest gaps, and those who complete the program receive 80 Brazil nut seedlings for the lands they manage. Transportation assistance is provided when needed to attend the workshops, and concessionaires are given a guidebook created by ASA and a forestry expert in the region as a reference.


This year, ASA is continuing to expand the program, providing workshops for new concessionaires and checking in with participants from last year to see their progress. Wild Green Future has had the pleasure of supporting this excellent community-based conservation project since its start in 2021, and we are excited to provide continued funding through Tier 5 of this year’s Charity Battle.

Tier 4 funded by Wild Green Donors!

Tier 5: To Ecology and Beyond!

Any funds donated beyond Tier 4 will support further Wild Green Future grants, projects, and initiatives. Learn more about what we've funded in the past at the links below!

Partner Projects


Wild Green Mapathon

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